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Virtual Opportunities

Join the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Workforce Strategy Consultant team for an engaging virtual discussion from 11am-12pm to learn about innovative workforce partnerships. Hear from a panel of employers and subject matter experts about how businesses, nonprofits, and education partners align and leverage their collective resources and expertise to support recruitment and retention efforts for youth, individuals with refugee status, and justice-involved talent pools. Please join prepared to share your experiences and ideas! 

Nonviolence Cafe #19: NP Moments that Made a Difference

Hear stories of peace from two powerful peacebuilders - from Mindanao to Minnesota. Will Wallace, NP U.S. Director of Community Peace Building, shares the work of our new Community Peacebuilder program and the difference it is already making in Minneapolis. And Mel Duncan, NP Founding Director, discusses his recent visit to NP's program in the Philippines and the power of protection in building lasting peace. This conversation was moderated by Anna Zaros, NP U.S. Director of Organizational Advancement.

Connecting Our Heartlands: Towards an Inclusive American Creed

Jan. 19, 2023 from3:30-5pm

Join us for a special event with the leading civic scholars and three young adult community organizers and photographers, co-creators of the ongoing American Creed: Citizen Power documentary initiative, a follow-up to the 2018 American Creed PBS Special. 

We’ll look at how helping young people explore foundational ideals like freedom, fairness and opportunity can galvanize and challenge rural communities.

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