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Skarlett Woods with Guitar

Performance- Skarlett Woods

Enjoy the music of local musician, Skarlett Woods.  While the exquisite voiced singer/songwriter has earned comparisons to Joni Mitchell and KD Lang, her Americana-Jazz style is what captivates audiences amongst the passionate tales from her life out West. 

More about Skarlett:

Indie artist Skarlett Woods, has won or been nominated for countless folk awards in the nation. She has opened for such acts as Stephen Stills, Judy Collins and the Blues Traveler. Keeping honesty on the tip of her pen, Skarlett has produced a body of work that remains truly and entirely unto itself.

Skarlett has created a sound that is a throwback to an earlier time when some things seemed simpler but the music was much more complicated. She inherited a talent for storytelling from a family steeped in the showboat business and musical theater, but Skarlett's years of classical/jazz guitar training are what allow her the versatility to truly captivate audiences.

Find out more about Skarlett and her music here.

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