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Breakout Session One: Noticing our Response to Conflict

Noticing Our Response to Conflict will introduce participants to a framework and language that aims to contextualize our experiences within conflict. This will aid with the identification of personal and communal strengths and support needs.  

This is an introduction on RESPONSIVE skill building. The tools offered, the Window of Tolerance and the Holistic Check-in, help cultivate our experiential awareness in pursuit of safety. By the end of this session, participants should have a deeper understanding of how the world affects them and their instinctual responses to their surroundings. 

The session will cover: 

  1. Identifying your personal survival responses to dangerous situations. 

  2. Learning about your Activation Points and Anchor Points which may inform how you respond to danger. 

  3. Learning about the Holistic Check-in which may aid in identifying needs in yourself and others. 

Participants are asked to have a pen and paper, a note-taking app, or a designated note taker available prior to the training. A digital workbook will be shared post-session. 

Presenter: Sam Taitel, Nonviolent Peace Force

Picture of Sam Taitel

Sam Taitel [they/them] is a Mixed, Black and Ashkenazi, Queer community organizer, martial artist, and facilitator living on occupied Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, and Anishinaabe lands, colonially named Minneapolis, MN, where they serve as the Midwest Program Manager at Nonviolent Peaceforce. They deeply believe that uplifting people’s capacities to be sensitive and aware can radically shift how we share this world together; we must notice to care.  

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