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Breakout Session Two: Restoring Hope and Cultivating Community Through Restorative Practices

This session will walk the listeners through several restorative practices combined with an understanding of a restorative workplace, community, and movement, how empowering the community to bring their unique self to the front lines, understanding worth and value and the joy of learning about others has transformed on organization in the Lakes Area.

Picture of Brian Andrews with mugshot inserted

Presenter: Brian Andrews, Executive Director, Lakes Area Restorative Justice Project

Brian has been serving as the Executive Director of LARJ project for over a year and absolutely loves it.  Brian is the father of six children, ages 7-22, and married to his best friend in the world. Brian's passion for his work comes from years of personal involvement with the criminal justice system, addiction, and the understanding of the impact a positive person can have in one's life.  Several years ago, Brian saw that his community was hurting, youth were struggling, and the criminal justice system was not helping to reverse any of this.  Brian realized if he wanted to see the change that communities desire, it will have to start with the youth.  This birthed the drive to begin serving youth and their families in our community.

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