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Closing- Reflections and Connections

Buddy’s High Energy Performances keeps crowds entertained with his Rhythmic pops and nursery rhymes twist, that even Adults get into. His Musical background explores the spectrum of endless combinations. Connecting the interweaving threads of life that we commonly share in rhythm.

Presenter: Buddy King, Musician, Playwright, Author

Buddy King Headshot

Buddy King born in Kansas City, Missouri, moved and found his new home in Saint Cloud, Minnesota in 2002. Mr. King found a passion for Youth Development Buddy’s passion and charisma quickly led him to connect and advocate for Youth. Mr. King's powerful messages mixed with humor and clarity share thoughtful reflections with all Ages.
Mr. King has written 3 stage play productions at the GREAT Theatre and Boys & Girls Club in St. Cloud Mn. His three productions “Last Moments of Jesus”, A Christmas to Believe In”, “The Best Program Ever—The African American Experience”. The ability to connect people to one common idea and share a common Goal is one of his most valued principles.
In 2017, Mr. King Co-Founded a Higher Works Collaborative. HWC was responding to the need for resources to help in the community. Mr. King's continued work and efforts to cultivate valuable community partnerships and contribute to creating a healthier more vibrant community.

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