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Dancing Hands

Education Track: “No More, Next Time.” Effectively interrupting hate and bias in the moment

Have you ever heard a comment that you know can be hurtful or biased but didn't know how to effectively respond in the moment. Has your organization been labeled as "not doing enough" to address racism, homophobia, classism, or any other type of injustice? This workshop is designed to provide concrete tools to support all people in speaking up immediately and effectively when hate, bias, or injustice is present in our classrooms, buildings, and community. The workshop will use research, personal stories, videos, audience participation, and humor to engage us in the important work of providing safe and inclusive spaces for all who feel marginalized because of some aspect of their identity.  Our students and community need our advocacy and leadership now, without continuing to wait for "the next time."


Presenter: Seema G. Pothini, Equity Institute

Author, educator, consultant, and coordinator for the Humanize My Hoodie Movement, which works to end the criminalization of BIPOC youth and adults.

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