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Breakout Session One- Overcoming the Political Divide

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Braver Angels is a nationwide, grassroots movement dedicated to depolarizing our country. The organization brings together people of different backgrounds and political perspectives to have respectful conversations that help participants understand one another better, see the humanity in each other, and find common ground if it exists. In free workshops, Braver Angels teach the skills needed to have such conversations and, in other free offerings, gives people opportunities to practice those skills. Braver Angels does not seek to change anyone’s viewpoints or values, but rather to change how we treat people with whom we disagree, so we can come together as Americans and establish a foundation for working together to better understand the nature and causes of our problems and to identify consensus solutions.


Key takeaways from this breakout session include:

-- insights on the political polarization in the U.S., from where it comes, and why it is not sustainable.

-- what each of us as citizens can do to depolarize our country and how Braver Angels facilitate such efforts.

-- descriptions of Braver Angels' workshops and other offerings and information on how to get involved.

Presenter: Bruce MacKenzie, Braver Angels, MN Chapter

Photo of Bruce MacKenzie

Bruce has been a volunteer member of Braver Angels since 2017. He serves the organization in a number of capacities including as a workshop organizer and moderator, a Debate Chair for its state and national debates, and as an Ambassador providing outreach and information regarding Braver Angel’s mission and goals.

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