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Garden Soil

About The Sowing Room

Our Organization

The Sowing Room began as a newsletter and website.

Through outreach, connections and conversations, it  has emerged as a grassroots organization that supports projects, programs and initiatives designed to create social cohesion and a sense of belonging for all who live in and those yet to discover  North Central  Minnesota

Flower Buds

Our Mission, Vision & Goals


Provide spaces and places that create opportunities and pathways for under-represented individuals and cultural communities in rural places.



Break down barriers for under-represented people in rural places to allow authentic connection and participation in their chosen communities.  



Build human and social capital that works to create connected communities.

Work to break down barriers that hinder an individual’s ability to participate in their chosen community.

Eliminate discrimination against populations that diverge from perceived norms that center white bodies and cis-gender sexuality.

Our Sowing Room Tenders.

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Get in Touch

We love hearing from you, and there are lots of ways you can get in touch. If you have questions, please reach out to our Team.

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